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'South Park: Snow Day!’ adds roguelike elements to action-focused game


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“South Park” is returning to the fantasy setting with its newest project, but it’s not a role-playing game. “South Park Snow Day!” is a four-player co-op game that is more action-oriented. Players again take on the role of The New Kid, but this time, the protagonist is outfitted with a diverse array of attacks.

Players have melee attacks. They can jump and dive with knives at foes. They can shoot them from afar with a bow. In addition, they have a Pissed Off Meter which let lets them use a healing totem planted on the ground to help surrounding allies or a Fart Escape move. (Yes, it’s “South Park” expect plenty of crude humor.)

In the short demo I played at the Nintendo Switch Partner Preview, my squad and I had to fulfill objectives and foil Kyle’s plans. That involved going to grab keys and filling up a gas tank to free Randy Marsh, who was trapped underneath ice. That involved fighting through tons of Kyle-led elves. Before the start of the stage, players show off the powers they’re bringing into the battle that’s represented via cards. It gives teammates a sense of the abilities that they can work with.


After clearing each section of the level, players can choose to upgrade those powers or perks. It’s a roguelike element for a game that has players facing hordes of foes. What’s also notable is that the adversaries have their own abilities that are randomized in each playthrough. It makes every experience different though the general objectives appear to be the same. Players may explore different parts of fairly big map.

In addition, players have a perk tree and they can discover cosmetics. They can also find treasure chests that spew out toilet paper, which is the currency of the game. “South Park Snow Day!” is chaotic at times, but it has its moments, and it will likely delight “South Park” fans.

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