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The computer will see you now: Artificial Intelligence usage grows at Central Florida hospitals

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For patients scared off by the prospect of AI, Varadarajulu also has reassurances.

“The AI component does not control anything during the procedure, nothing,” he said. “All the technology will do, eventually, is to point out certain areas that can be missed by a less experienced endoscopist.”

Even more ambitious efforts are taking place at the University of Central Florida.

Roger Azevedo, a professor in the School of Modeling Simulation and Training at UCF with a Ph.D. in educational psychology, is working to create a human digital twin — a digital replica of a person — that potentially could be used in patient care or clinician training.


UCF has received millions of dollars in federal funding toward this effort.

He’s also collaborating with other researchers to use AI to monitor and improve clinician performance using eye-tracking and other sensors. He sees a future where such technology is employed to monitor team dynamics in an operating room.

“AI …could indicate ‘Hey, you’re not looking at the right anatomical region, or you’re not looking at the right team member who can actually support you, given what you’re doing right now,'” Azevedo said.

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