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Gadgets: Earbuds that sound great right out of the box


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The Epic Lab Edition earbuds are the latest from true wireless brand JLab, best known for premium true wireless products. JLab touts them as “The best sounding and first earbuds to feature the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve; they leverage dual drivers and have an industry-first technology design to provide an elevated listening experience.” With the new earbuds, JLab stated they provide an elevated listening experience at a much higher price point than the brand is known for.

While all that is great, for the most part typical users and potential buyer want to know how they sound. I couldn’t give an exact number of earbuds I’ve reviewed, but I know its a high number. I treat each one I look at like it’s my first: how are they packaged, etc. I also know many users will not look at instructions, they will tear open the box and pair them to their media device for listening.

So, my thoughts; they sounded great right out of the box.

What makes them sound great is inside the Epic Lab Edition earbuds: a hybrid dual-driver design that includes a dynamic driver for rich bass and low frequencies, and a Knowles Balanced Armature driver for exquisite high frequencies.

Referring to the Knowles Curve, JLab says this is a treble expanded sound signature designed with extensive feedback from a broad range of music listeners. Designed for the modern music listener, features include smart active noise canceling, Hi-Res Audio, spatial audio and Bluetooth 5.3 LE capabilities.

All this adds up to great sound in your ears. The hybrid dual-driver design is a big score, delivering perfect clarity of all types of music. With the dual drivers, every sound was well-balanced at any volume.


The black true wireless earbuds with smart active noise cancellation (3 touch control modes) come with a USB-C premium charging case (820mAh lithium polymer) and six ear tips to ensure a perfect fit. You’ll get up to 56 hours of playtime before an AC charge is needed, the number can vary if the ANC is activated., $129.99

I’ve had the Monolith Belt Driven Turntable in my office for some time. Combine that with scoring a bunch of records at a garage sale and guess what I did most of yesterday.

The turntable is one of three devices from the company that has been out for a little while, but it’s new in my world. And with the assortment of my newly acquired classic rock 33 1/3 records, the turntable was perfect.


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