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If your house is your office, you may be overdue for some tech upgrades


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Working from home is great. You skip the commute, wear whatever you like, and keep a flexible schedule for that all-important work-life balance.

But how comfortable is your work setup? If you’ve been pecking at a laptop on the kitchen table or (heaven forbid) in bed, it is time for an upgrade.

Welcome to my holiday gift guide, work-from-home edition. If you don’t telecommute, maybe there are a few such people on your gift list.

I’ve been a WFH fan off and on for decades, and COVID made it a full-time thing. I have therefore thought a lot about home workstations.

Essential elements include a position-adjustable desk, a laptop stand, high-quality input devices, flexible charging accessories and desk-protecting mats.

Read on for details on the latest, greatest WFH gear — including a pretty good standing desk I have been trying out.


Get a standing desk

You’ll be happier and healthier if you alternate among sitting and standing positions during work sessions.

Even though I have an excellent office chair, my back starts to hurt if I am sitting for too long, and I become sluggish. Getting to my feet perks me up mentally and physically.

And if I am standing, I am also moving — I am more likely to launch into micro-strolls that are critical for physical wellness (the reason my Apple Watch every hour bugs me to move around for at least a minute).


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