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Gadgets: Phoozy cases protect devices from the extremes


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Tablets and notebooks can go in the insulated tablet and laptop case ($59.99) for heat and cold protection and also an IP66 water-resistance rating with military-grade drop protection.

If there is such a thing as a perfect wireless charger for any environment — home, work, or play (which might all be at the same location these days) — then the Mophie Powerstation stand is it.

The Powerstation’s versatility allows it to be used anywhere, with or without connected power. The built-in stand gives your phone the power boost while being able to view it at a convenient angle sitting right next to a work computer or on a nightstand. Either of those or anywhere you chose makes use of the folding stand to get a 10W charge.

While a Qi-enabled phone is charging, there are two USB ports on the back to connect to the 8,000mAh internal battery, one a USB-A and the other an 18W USB-C fast charge.


The black base has ports in the back and a four-light LED indicator on the side shows the charging status and how much battery power is left in the Mophie Powerstation. A soft fabric covering is on the top of the charger, ensuring bare phones placed on it won’t get scratched.

Wireless charging can be done on the standing in portrait or landscape modes, enabling perfect viewing again. When the stand isn’t needed, it folds down for storage on top of the base.

Since it has 8,000mAh of internal power, taking the Mophie Powerstation on the go is easy. It produces 1.7 full charges until it needs a charge itself. Or leave the 4.80-by-3.07-by-0.98-inch Powerstation plugged through the USB-C port, connected to an AC outlet with the included USB AC power supply and USB-C to USC-C cable. $69.95

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