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Tips: How to build effective decks in ‘Lost in Random’


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Players need to craft their 15-card decks with a focus in mind and change it for each situation

One of the best parts of “Lost in Random” is how it combines action role-playing and card game elements. It’s a little bit of “The Legend of Zelda” here and huge dollop of “Hearthstone” there. Mixing the two different genres creates an intriguing combat system, one that has a ridiculous amount of depth.

It works like this: Players construct a 15-card deck. During battle, they shoot enemies who have crystals attached to them. Having Dicey collect these crystals lets players draw up to five cards. When a hand is full, players should ideally roll Dicey to generate energy. This takes Even into the Dicemension, which makes everything frozen except for her. This is where players can catch their breath from the action and strategize how they want to attack enemies or set traps.


At first, “Lost in Random"’s options seem limited. Dicey only has so many pips, or dots, on each side of the die. When players roll it, they max out at 3 bits of energy. That doesn’t give players many opportunities in the face of battle. With this in mind, it’s good to stock up on cheap weapons such as Sword of Three (1 energy cost) and Bow of One (2 energy cost). Try to keep your deck stocked with at least two of each card so that you have a higher chance of drawing them. Players will need to consistently have weapon cards because the arms do degrade over time. The other side of that equation is that players need Health Elixirs at a cost of 1 energy. Add at least of 2 of them to your deck.

If you stock up on weapons and potions, that takes up more of a third of your 15-card deck. The rest of your cards should be focused on generating energy and driving the cost of cards down. “Lost in Random” gives players two tools early on to do this. They give players a Lucky Draw at cost of zero. It gives players one additional energy while Dice Wielders Boon, which runs at 1 energy, reduces the cost of your hand by one. The former is more helpful at the start, but the Dice Wielder’s Boon is the real MVP. It’s useful in all instances and I would fill your deck with at least three of these cards.


What makes it so powerful is that it lets players drive down the cost of cards drastically, and combined with the ability to pin cheapened cards from a previous hand, it becomes incredibly powerful. It makes hazards and damage options that are normally expensive more affordable, allowing players to use pricy bombs or powerful weapons.

Ideally, players should keep elixirs or cost-reduce weapons such as the Bow of One just in case of emergencies. If players’ health is running low, players can just roll Dicey and use that zero-cost potion (Thanks Dice Wielder’s Boon) whenever they want. If they run into annoying flying enemies or adversaries perched on a platform, the bow is the only weapon that can hit them.

Early decks should have these cards:

2 Sword of Three (1)


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