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Adobe turns 35: CEO Shantanu Narayen on empowering the world's creators

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In many ways, the Experience Cloud is the largest opportunity we have for ourselves. Every single business on the planet is thinking about if digital is going to be a tailwind, or is it going to be a headwind? When you think about transformation, every enterprise is saying, "How do I put the customer experience front and center?" We think the Experience Cloud dramatically expands the aspirations we have to help businesses transform. We put all that together, and we think the opportunity for Adobe is immense.

Q: Adobe has done a lot getting into digital marketing. Where do you see the company's opportunities in this business?

A: We were always "mission critical" to the publishing industry in the sense that we produced the best tools. A few years ago, we said to ourselves that there is a bigger opportunity for us to help not just with the creation of content, but with the measurement, management and monetization of content. We said data was going to be important. The genesis of the digital marketing category was all about saying that there's a big audience within enterprises where technology can be brought to bear. That's Adobe's technology. The interactions people have with institutions are increasingly digital. We want to be that infrastructure that enables that digital experience.

Q: With all of Adobe's different services and technologies, it sounds like the company has gone out of its way to remain relevant. What does being relevant mean to you?

A: We think about our mission a lot. And the mission has been relatively the same, and that's changing the world through digital experiences. If Adobe doesn't look at the opportunity with a wider lens, we will not be as aspirational as we should be. I think we've stepped really well. I also think being relevant is important, but I think having an impact is far more meaningful.


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