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Jennifer Van Grove: How to find must-watch streaming TV series

Jennifer Van Grove, San Diego Union-Tribune on

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Q. What are some of the topics or stories that have resonated most with readers?

The No. 1 thing across the entire Inside network is "Game of Thrones." Anytime we write anything about "Game of Thrones" anywhere, that'll be the No. 1 link of that week. People are fixated; the obsession level is off the charts.

Q. What are some hidden-gem streaming series that people should be watching?

There's a show on Amazon that I love that nobody is watching. It's called "Patriot." It's great. It really flew under the radar. It's weird. It's like a Coen brothers spy show.

There's also "Fleabag;" it's a BBC show available on Amazon. It's another great show that flew under everyone's radar.

There's a show on Hulu that's coming back for season two. It's called "Shut Eye." It's about the organized crime behind the Los Angeles psychic industry. It's a really fun, goofy crime show.

There's a new animated show on Netflix called "Big Mouth." It's sort of a reunion of all the Nick Kroll shows from Comedy Central. It's an animated show for adults about puberty and teens, and coming of age. There's a sweetness to it. It's bathroom humor, but not mean-spirited or ugly. A lot of great comedians show up for an episode or two. Jason Mantzoukas, John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph.


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