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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Yassir Lester

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When Yassir Lester isn’t working on the Showtime series “Black Monday” or the animated Fox series “Duncanville,” you can hear him on the comedy podcast, “My Brother’s Sneaker,” which he co-hosts with his brother, Isaiah Lester. “We came up with the idea by saying, ‘What if we talked about sneakers, but weren’t losers about it and were actually funny, unlike the other sneaker podcasts?’” said Lester, who lives in Los Angeles. Fans can stay in touch with him on Twitter ( and Instagram (

Q: Where was your first stand-up performance?

A: I did my first open mic in the Atlanta area when I was 19, so this must have been 2003. It was at a comedy club that was inside of a go-kart racetrack. I’ll let you guess how it went.

Q: Do you remember your best on-the-road show and the worst?

A: Here’s the thing, I don’t necessarily remember the best shows, because the bombs always hit so much harder. I can recall a good meal, but I remember a bad one. Does that make sense? So there’s plenty of fun shows, but my worst one was in a place called Mesquite, Nevada. A woman ran up to the stage to give me the middle finger during my set and said, “You f------ suck!” That, and in Long Beach one time a dude heckled me just by saying, “Look at you with all that acne on ya face!” Crowd loved it and I was devastated.

Q: What have you been doing during this pandemic during down time?


A: Walks. Some short road trips with my girlfriend Chelsea Devantez, (who’s the) head writer for Jon Stewart’s new Apple+ show, and our dog. I’ve been drawing a lot again and teaching myself to paint with the help of the phenomenal artists M.K. Komins, Michon Sanders and Taravat Talepasand.

Q: Many actors and musicians have told me that they will never ever complain about having to travel for work.

A: What? Who said that? That’s insane. I mean, it’s for sure an inconvenience. Yes, hopping on a plane is mad easier. But also, there’s something to be said about the world making us stop and slow down and maybe there doesn’t need to be 6,000 planes in the air constantly. If anything, I went the opposite way about work and realized maybe I was focused on it too much. I know I am in a very blessed position, so this isn’t me being ungrateful. I think that as a culture, America values work too much.

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination?


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