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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Kiiara

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Content Agency on

A: Florida with all my friends, because I always feel so relaxed there, mostly because it's familiar. I've been going there on vacation for years. I'd be pretty content with just watching movies. I'd probably just spend the entire time in a hotel with an ocean view.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure when you're on the road?

A: Vanilla ice cream and vegan cookies or brownies.

Q: What kind of research do you do before you go away on a trip?

A: I don't do any research before I go away on a trip. Usually I have either my brother or manager with me.


Q: What is your best vacation memory?

A: Being in Amsterdam and my friend flying across the world to come hang out with me, because I really needed a friend there. I woke up the next morning and they were there. I was so happy! I'll never forget that trip.


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