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Dessert -- Easy Trifle


1 angel food cake (store bought will work just fine)
1 jar raspberry preserves
3 cups prepared custard
One third cup cream sherry
One quarter cup sliced almonds
Whipped cream for topping

Cut angel food cake into 3 equal parts. Spread raspberry preserves on the top of the bottom layer. Drizzle half of the sherry on top of the raspberry preserves followed by half of the custard. Spread raspberry preserves on the top of the middle layer, followed by sherry and custard. Place the top layer of the cake on and top with whipped cream and almonds. If you wish you may use a different flavor of preserves and use vanilla pudding in place of the custard. I used a sugar-free angel food cake that worked just fine; and since angel food cake already doesn’t have any fat, this makes this dessert low in fat and calories


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