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My Pet World: From surgery to chiropractic care and water therapy — Readers weigh in on dogs with hip problems

Cathy M. Rosenthal, Tribune Content Agency on

I have a suggestion for the dog whose back legs were going out from under her. My dog started having similar problems. A visit to the vet and an X-ray showed some damaged discs in her back. Pain medication helped somewhat, but I knew it wouldn't solve the underlying problem. I took her to an animal chiropractor, where she received adjustments and laser treatments. The results have been amazing!

— Cynthia, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dear Cynthia,

I am glad to hear your dog is doing better. My dog was on joint supplements for hip and back problems, but, after six months, we weren’t seeing the desired results.

For other health reasons, surgery wasn’t an option, so my veterinarian referred me to a holistic veterinarian for acupuncture treatments. The first time I took him for treatment, he could barely walk in the door. After just one session, he ran around and wanted to jump into the car. After that, I was sold on acupuncture for pets.

I also was thankful that my traditional vet and holistic vet worked together to come up with an integrated treatment plan. He continued the joint supplements and acupuncture for the last year of his life. It made a huge difference to his quality of life.


Dear Cathy,

I have some suggestions from recent questions, so I will be brief. The dog with hip problems might benefit from swimming. For the cat with vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal problems, our new vet began a 12-week series of vitamin B12 shots, and the problems stopped. She is healthy with a beautiful coat.

— Lynn, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dear Lynn,


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