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My Pet World: Dogs may 'look guilty,' but they don’t feel guilty the way humans do

Cathy M. Rosenthal, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Judy,

You’re correct! It’s generally thought that dogs run around in circles and roll around on the ground after a bath to get rid of the shampoo scent. Dogs much prefer to smell like grass and dirt and will work quickly to regain their familiar odor. They also may be trying to dry themselves. Either way, rolling on the grass achieves both of those things.

Dear Cathy,

I read about your suggested squirrel deterrents a while back. I had my fig trees attacked so often by squirrels that I built a cage around them.

— Tony, Babylon, New York

Dear Tony,


Thank you for including a photo. For my readers, Tony built a wire enclosure around his four and five-foot fig trees to keep the squirrels away. (You can see the photo at Not sure what happens as these trees grow, but for now, he has humanely bested the squirrels.


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