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My Pet World: Simple solutions for a panicking dog at the vet’s office

Cathy M. Rosenthal, Tribune Content Agency on

A letter writer from Holtsville, New York, recently wrote about his golden retriever diagnosed with a spinal stroke. He then said how healthy the dog had become after vet treatment, so healthy that his dog could jump into what the writer described as a “fairly high” bed.

He then said that his dog had recently tried jumping on the bed but fell backward on her hind legs. Did it occur to the owner to place steps by the bed to help his dog get on it?

— Jim A., Allentown, Pennsylvania

Dear Jim,

Thanks for your suggestion. Stairs or ramps are good aids for dogs with joint problems. Stairs are especially great for small dogs and cats, but some big dogs will shy away from store-bought ones because they don’t feel sturdy.


If one doesn’t have a sturdy set of stairs, they can always push a footstool up to the couch or a small, padded bench up to the bed that is about half the distance between the floor and the furniture to give them that boost.


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