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WATCH: Tiny lion cubs lead mother lion across bridge


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(UPI) Chad Hobbs captured this adorable scene at MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa, and the cute footage was shared with

Lions are known to be fierce and unforgiving beasts, but there's also a very different side to lions. Like fluffy balls of cuteness, that are lion cubs. These guys are tiny, with the cutest round shape, short, stout legs and big, pearly eyes.

On this particular day, on MalaMala's West Bridge, which crosses over the sand river, The resident pride of lions had been lazing and relaxing. With the adults being lazy cats, the cubs were getting impatient. They had a lot of energy, and all they wanted to do was play.

So, after a short while, these cubs decided that they had enough of waiting around. They were going to play and have fun. But a concrete bridge with no trees, rocks, or sand seemed a little too boring for their liking. That's when one of the cubs had a light bulb moment! Let's cross the bridge; there's plenty to play with on the other side.


The six siblings all got up and began walking across the bridge. This immediately caught the attention of their mother! Where were they going all alone? She knew very well the dangers that a group of innocent lion cubs could face if they left the safety of the pride. Especially in an area like MalaMala on the banks of the Sand River. One of the highest predator densities in Africa.

So, mom was left with no choice and decided to follow. The cubs may have been small in size, but they were undoubtedly big and brave at heart. They marched on with no fear in their hearts, as they knew mom was right behind them. Every so often, they would pause and glance back just to make sure she was still coming.

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