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'Stunt Devil' cat reunited with family after highway overpass rescue


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(UPI) A lost cat was reunited with his family after being rescued from a ledge on a San Antonio highway overpass.

The cat was nicknamed Stunt Devil Bridges by San Antonio Animal Care Services earlier this month when he was rescued from an Interstate 10 overpass ledge near Cincinnati Avenue.

ACS said it has now been contacted by the owners of the cat, named Oliver. The family said Oliver had vanished without a trace from their home and they searched for the feline every day until relatives and friends spotted the cat on ACS' adoption website under the nickname chosen by rescuers.


"While we hope Oliver's alter ego 'Stunt Devil Bridges' is well behind him, we equipped him with a registered microchip in case he ever slips out craving adventure again," ACS said in a Facebook post. Hopefully, he stays home and out of purr-carious situations, but if not, his microchip can help us get him back home!

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