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14 dancing dogs form conga line for Guinness World Record


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(UPI) A German dog trainer earned a Guinness World Record with his team of talented canines when 14 performing pooches formed a conga line.

Wolfgang Lauenburger earned the record for most dogs in a conga line when his 14 trained canines arranged themselves into the party dance formation under his instruction.

Lauenbruger, an accomplished trainer with multiple Guinness World Records, took the record from his own daughter, Alexa Lauenbruger, who managed to get 9 dogs into a conga line in February 2022.


The dogs who formed the conga line for Lauenbruger's record attempt are named Emma, Filou, Fin, Simon, Susy, Maya, Ulf, Speck, Bibi, Katie, Jennifer, Elvis, Charly and Cathy.

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