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Turkmenistan president erects golden statue of favorite dog breed


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(UPI) The president of Turkmenistan honored his favorite breed of dog by erecting a golden canine statue on a pedestal in the country's capital.

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, whose affection for the Alabai dog breed previously led him to release a book about the breed, unveiled the golden statue in the center of a roundabout in Ashbagat.

Turkmenistan's state-run news agency said the statue captures the "dignity and self-assuredness" of the Alabai, which is also known as a central Asian shepherd.


Officially released footage from the unveiling of the statue shows a wraparound screen installed on the monument's base playing videos of Alabais in action.

The statue was installed as part of an infrastructure initiative in Ashgabat that includes several new high-rise residential buildings and a new shopping center.

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