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Bus driver stops to pick up loose dogs in Wisconsin


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(UPI) A Wisconsin bus driver was caught on security camera giving a ride to a pair of unusual passengers -- two lost dogs out wandering loose.

The Milwaukee County Transit System said bus driver Jaime Grabowski was near Howell and Oklahoma around midnight Dec. 18 when she spotted the two dogs running loose next to the road.

The security camera footage shows Grabowski shouting to the dogs: "Hey, you two! You need to go home right now. C'mon, c'mon inside!"


The dogs boarded the bus and Grabowski kept them inside the vehicle until a police officer arrived to transport the friendly canines to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

The canines were found to have escaped from a home about 2.5 miles from where Grabowski found them. The pets were reunited with their worried owners.

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