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VIDEO: Moose rescued from backyard pool in New Hampshire


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in New Hampshire were summoned to a home where a bull moose found itself unable to climb out of a resident's swimming pool.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department posted a video to Facebook showing rescuers lowering a set of wooden stairs into the pool behind the Bedford home and coaxing the moose into climbing out.

"With the moose breeding season beginning to ramp up, bulls are on the move looking for mates. In his travels, this young bull accidentally found his way into a swimming pool in Bedford," the department wrote.


"The moose was unable to get himself out after several hours as the pool had no stairs. By putting a set of wooden steps in the pool and coaxing the moose towards them, he was able to find his way out and back in to the woods," the post said.

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