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Coyote chases Illinois 5-year-old through front yard


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(UPI) An Illinois family's home security camera captured their 5-year-old daughter's close encounter with a coyote that chased her through the yard.

The footage shows Christine Przybylski, 5, going out to check the mailbox at her family's Villa Park home while a coyote watches from nearby.

The girl, unaware of the coyote's presence, heads for the swing.

The coyote sprints across the yard and charges at the girl, who said the coyote touched her but did not bite her.

"I feeled its ear," she told WLS-TV. It almost bited my rib.


The girl's mother, Elizabeth Przybylski, said she reviewed the security camera footage after Christine came inside and told her the story.

"He really pursued her violently, and I'm so glad she got away," the mother said.

Neighbors said they have heard the sounds of coyotes late at the night but the incident at the Przybylski home was the first concerning encounter.

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