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Lost cat found 3 1/2 years later in Florida


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(UPI) A Florida man who feared his cat had been eaten by coyotes was reunited with the feline three and a half years later thanks to a stranger, a microchip and an animal hospital.

Miguel Tellado-Quiles, 31, said he and his cats, Lola and Mister Kitty, were staying with his parents in Gainesville while he studied for the bar exam in 2016 and one day the felines managed to escape through a back door.

Mister Kitty was captured by a neighbor a few weeks after the escape, but there was no sign of Lola after months of searching.

"I honestly thought she was eaten by coyotes," Tellado-Quiles told

Tellado-Quiles' theory changed, however, when he received a call from the Newberry Animal Hospital. Staff told him a woman who lives about 18 miles of Gainesville brought in a cat that she had been feeding for about three years.

The cat's microchip identified her as Lola.


Tellado-Quiles' mother picked Lola up from the Newberry clinic Friday. He said Lola and Mister Kitty will soon be reunited.

"They've never spent more than two weeks apart," Tellado-Quiles said. I'm not sure what the reunion will be like.

A Massachusetts woman was recently reunited with her cat about five and a half years after the feline went missing from her home. Elinore Repucci said she let Larry the cat out into her Essex back yard in July 2013, and she soon discovered the feline had left the yard and apparently wandered away.

Officials with the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society said a man feeding birds in Salisbury, about 20 miles from Repucci's home, found the cat and brought him into the shelter about five and a half years later.

Repucci said Larry was in good health and quickly re-acclimated to life in her home.

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