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New Zealand man accidentally kidnaps neighbor's cat


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(UPI) A man in New Zealand accidentally kidnapped his neighbor's cat after mistaking it for his own pet.

Clarke Gayford‏ said the case of mistaken identity began when his friend mistakenly brought his neighbor's cat to the vet, believing his own cat was behaving strangely.

"A mate spent $130 at vet on his cat then had to lock it in his bedroom for 5 days recovery, and just now his actual cat walked in," Gayford wrote.

The clueless cat owner missed several signs that he may have been dealing with the wrong pet, including a visit from the stolen cat's owner.

"He just told me a neighbor had come looking for her missing black cat and he said 'Na, sorry just my cat in here!'" Gayford said.

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Veteranarians failed to notify the cat owner the feline he brought in was male, while his pet is female and prescribed anti-anxiety medications to help with its "strange" behavior.

"My mate has kidnapped and been drugging a [kitten]!" Gayford said.

The man eventually returned the cat to his neighbor, who said the pet didn't seem to be traumatized and had spent most of the day of its return playing and sitting on her lap.

"Of course your cat is chilled out," Gayford said. My mate has been feeding your cat drugs!

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