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Group of abandoned 'Sandlot' kittens rescued from snowstorm


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CLEVELAND (UPI) -- A box full of kittens named after characters from the film Sandlot were rescued after being abandoned in a snowstorm.

Cleveland Animal Protective League shared photos of the four kittens Smalls, Squints, Repeat and Benny, inside the snow-covered box.

"Last night, our team received a call from Cleveland Police about a box of kittens left on the side of the road during the snow storm," the rescue group said. Our team immediately went out to bring these kittens inside from the cold.

Cleveland Animal Protective League President and CEO Sharon Harvey told WQAD the kittens were in good health, despite being left outside in the extreme conditions.


"Thankfully – we had no idea how long they had been outside – their eyes were a little runny, maybe from the cold, but they checked out okay," she said.

Harvey added that it was unclear who had abandoned the kittens, but celebrated the woman who alerted police she had found them.

"If that wonderful woman hadn't called the police to say 'What do I do,' and brought them into her house, they wouldn't have lasted long," she said.

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