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The Greener View: 2018 Gardening Resolutions

Jeff Rugg on

I resolve to plant more flowers that have sweet-smelling fragrances.

I resolve to plant a cutting flowerbed in the back corner or in the side yard that no one sees, so I can enjoy more flowers indoors.

I resolve to have the kids help more in the garden so they can learn to enjoy growing plants, flowers and vegetables.

I resolve to add more native perennial flowers to the flowerbeds, so they will be less work in the long run.

I resolve to use more slow-release organic fertilizers and compost to help replenish the soil.

I resolve to consider flowers that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds when choosing flowers for pots and flowerbeds.

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I resolve to shop at the farmers market more often.

I resolve to take a gardening class with my local university extension office.

Great. Don't you feel better already? Resolutions that involve other people are more likely to be kept. Use Facebook to invite family and friends to participate in your gardening resolutions.


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