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Some couples are shying away from micro weddings in 2024. Here’s why they’re throwing bigger bashes

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- During the pandemic, many couples went without a huge wedding – or getting married at all. Now nearly four years later, the bashes currently being planned are bigger and better than ever.

Wedding professionals had thought that micro weddings – or weddings with less than 50 guests – would stick around. The smaller size allowed for intimate celebrations with close family and friends, personalized touches and budget-friendly catering costs.

However the brides and grooms of 2024 are ready to party.

According to Connecticut wedding planner Lisa Antonecchia of Creative Concepts by Lisa, it’s not uncommon for weddings to have 10-14 bridesmaids and groomsmen along with guest lists topping over 175 people and sometimes as large as 300 people.

“We really feel like people just kind of leapt out of their homes and are ready to party,” Antonecchia said. “We’re seeing wedding party sizes grow as well. Lots of flower girls and ring bearers, children galore and even add in grandma as your flower girl.”

Antonecchia said she’s been seeing larger guest lists and wedding party sizes since even before the pandemic.


“In our personal perspective, we had a lot of weddings in the 150 people range [pre-pandemic]. Post pandemic, we are seeing a lot of weddings over 175 along with weddings for 300. Everyone you know, parents know, are being invited. Invite everyone and celebrate,” she said.

One of the issues Connecticut brides may run into with these larger weddings is availability of venues.

“There are only certain venues that can handle those larger sizes,” Antonecchia said. “The venues book up early. People get engaged and book the venue since you need to solidify that prior to the rest of the vendors.”

Antonecchia said the rise of the larger weddings has been a boom to the local wedding industry.


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