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Answer Angel: Clothes you can wear to work, gym, anywhere

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I just learned about a trend in men’s “work” clothing that looks good enough for the office but comfortable enough for exercising, lounging and doesn’t look like sweats. Why isn’t there something like that for women?

— Megan L.

Dear Megan: There is something like that for women. In fact, lots of somethings. The popularity of comfortable clothing during our pandemic isolation has prompted many manufacturers of men’s and women’s clothing to produce pants, jackets, shirts and even suits that are so versatile they can go from the office to the gym to a dinner party. Modern no-iron, easy care fabrics have led to a proliferation of basic pieces that can look good and stand up to most activities. has almost 500 options of “24seven Comfort Apparel.” Or, check out the $29.99 BALEAF “Pull-on Dress Work Pants” on Other labels to check out: Lululemon, Ministry of Supply, Athleta. That’s just a few of many labels that have men and women’s options. These styles and fabrics are great for travel, too. Even traditional companies like menswear’s Haggar ( have entered the market with “smart wash” pants and jackets and even a “hoodie sport coat” and “work to weekend” pants.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Why are groom and bridezillas now directing their GUESTS what to wear? I received a wedding invitation asking guests to dress in “earth tones” for a black-tie wedding. I don’t own any beige, brown or green fancy clothes and don’t want to buy any. Can I wear my blue formal dress and promise to stay out of their pictures?

— Virginia B.

Dear Virginia: You can do what you want, but do you really want to stick out? That’s likely to happen if you “disobey” the dress code. One option would be buy an inexpensive shawl ($10 and under on and drape it around your shoulders over the dress. But if you really don’t want to conform to the color code (I don’t blame you), send your regrets (but no need to mention you’re skipping the show because you think it’s ridiculous).

I’m with you; telling guests what color to wear so photos look like the wedding couple’s Instagram dream is silly and demanding. Wedding sites like have suggestions on how the couple can “nicely” ask guests to abide by the chosen color theme, but to me it is over the top.For another sticky wedding trend that’s gaining traction, check out the Reader Rant below.


Angelic Readers

Many readers responded to my plea for their solutions for skimpy eyebrows. Thanks to all of you and here goes …

“For filling in sparse brows and creating brows where there are none,” Susan R. likes Brow Flick microfine detailing pen by Glossier (, $18). Carla F. and Barb K. use L’Oreal Unbelieva Brow (, $17.99). Carol P. favors Clinique Brow Shaper powder (, $25.50 and up). Judy B. buys Bobbi Brown Brow Kit (, $54). For “one of the few products available in gray,” Janet E. buys Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel (, $26). Carol P. likes Mary Kay Volumizing Brow Tint (, $14).

For her sparse, pale brows, Amy S. recommends MAC Cosmetics powder eye shadow in the Omega color applied with an angled brow brush (, $21). Sue Ellen C. likes e.l.f. Wow Brow Gel in neutral brown (, $10.75). Stephanie K. suggests Roux Instant Root Concealer ‘Tween Time Instant Root Concealer (, $10.95).

Carolyn J. is happy with the tattoo artist who applied her permanent eyebrow fix. After years of trying to cover an eyebrow scar, Kathleen M. writes, “The solution is simple: Embrace bangs!”

Reader Rant

From Megan A.: “What is with bridal couples bringing adoptable dogs/cats to their wedding receptions for their guests to hopefully acquire? What’s next? Time-share salesmen pitching a sales tent next to the cake? Can’t couples just focus on their vows and festivities without coercing their guests?”

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