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Permanent jewelry, featured in Netflix's 'Love Is Blind,' comes to Minnesota

Alex Chhith, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) on

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Offered in the form of bracelets, anklets and sometimes rings, metal chains are welded together to symbolize the lasting bonds of friendship and love.

MINNEAPOLIS — Brittany Thompson and her friends are linked for life.

The 26-year-old and 10 of her BFFs had thin gold metal chains welded shut around their wrists and ankles during Thompson's bachelorette party in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, last year.

For Thompson, the shiny bracelets and anklets she's still wearing months later represent the sisterhood she has with her friends.

"Whenever I see them, we all look at our bracelets. It makes it more meaningful to have it done with your closest friends — it reminds me of friendship bracelets," Thompson said. Besides, she added, "It's not like a tattoo. If you get sick of if you can just cut it off."

So-called permanent jewelry seems to have started in New York City and spread nationwide, said Larissa Loden, who offers services for permanent jewelry in her eponymous St. Paul store. To make bracelets and anklets and sometimes rings, fine metal chains are welded in a circle just tight enough so they don't slip off.


"We take a tool called an arc welder and it takes a very small burst, pinpointed burst of heat to close it and the customer doesn't feel anything," Loden said. "It's a very precise spark."

Loden started occasionally offering permanent jewelry after her staff received a flurry of calls requesting it. As of January, the store will offer it every Saturday.


Business has also been ramping up for Hattie Nottleman of Eagan, who welds permanent jewelry at private parties and pop-up events around the Twin Cities as part of Link x Lou, which offers permanent jewelry at private parties and pop-ups in 30 states.


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