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Answer Angel: AirPod loss prevention tips

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I received a gift of AirPods Pro for a recent birthday and rather than enhancing my exercise regimen with worry-free listening, my left pod keeps falling out of my ear. This happened once while running outdoors and I didn’t even notice I was missing it until somebody came running after me to hand it back to me. These things are so expensive that I’m fearful about wearing them anywhere except a confined space like the gym or my house. That defeats the whole purpose! I’d like to hear what you and your readers have found to eliminate the problem. Surely I’m not the only one who has run into this.

— Sandy P.

Dear Sandy: This is not the first time I’ve heard this complaint from readers. Furthermore, I too have found that one of my AirPod Pros consistently falls out of my ear. So I am especially motivated to solve our problem. (On a recent flight I saw a guy crawling on the floor looking for his AirPod after he made the mistake of taking his sweater off over his head and dislodging the thing.)

There are a couple ways for you to go. None are foolproof. I tested the elago Ear Hook Designed for AirPods Pro (, $10.49). Sure, they kept the pods from falling on the ground (or in the car) when they popped out. However, you have to take the hooks off to charge the pods, which is a pain. But that’s preferable to paying the $89 each replacement fee.

Now I’m testing the Eartune Fidelity Premium Memory Foam Tips — six per order — which come in small, medium, large or assorted sizes and in many colors (, $14.99), so if the bud does fall out, it’s easier to spot than the white ones that come with the AirPods. The Memory Foam is supposedly “slow rebounding,” which “will allow you to choose what will perfectly fit.” So far I’ve only had one incident of one falling out of my ear while running, but that’s one too many.

Also, although these are advertised to fit in the charging case, the first time I tried that, one of the pods didn’t charge. After fiddling with the foam a bit, it did charge. Any reader out there have better luck with solving Sandy’s (and my) problem, we’d love to hear from you.


Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Like so many others, we adopted a Pandemic Pet. We love the rescue dog, but we failed miserably to consider the pet hair problem. We thought that because he was mostly beagle and had short hair there wouldn’t be much shedding. We should have done our homework! What do you and your readers recommend to combat the cleanup? Our current vacuum is not doing the job.

— Philip B.

Dear Philip: Whenever I am considering a purchase like this I go to, which tests an enormous range of products to help us choose the best options. I’m impressed with their selections and guidance. So that should be your first stop. Unfortunately, when I saw a sale on the “Pet Hair Eraser Slim” Bissell corded vacuum model #2897 (, $159), I was seduced by the “eraser” idea, no matter how unrealistic. I’ve been happy with it, though if I got a do-over I’d look for a cordless model. Wirecutter has loads of useful recommendations at many, many price points. I like the bagless clear option because I can see the mountains of dog hair it picks up, which is very rewarding.

Reader Rant

From Alice S.: “Three rants: 1) Childproof caps. 2) Squeeze bottles that don’t squeeze easily. 3) Fitted bottom sheets. Is it possible to buy a sheet set where the bottom sheet is flat?” From Ellen: 1) Ask the pharmacy for non-childproof caps. Lots of us, young and old, have trouble opening them (though if there are kids in the house, think twice about this). 2) Store squeeze bottles upside-down and/or invest in mini spatulas that will help you scrape the last bits out of the bottle. Search the internet for “long handle beauty spatula” ( from $1.58). 3) There’s not much consumer interest in flat bottom sheets. Your options are to buy the flat sheets separately or buy a fitted sheet with a pocket deep enough to eliminate — or at least reduce — the gymnastics it takes to make the bed.

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