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This Boise-area Airbnb has over 1.8 million views on TikTok. You can stay in 'magical' bus

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CALDWELL, Idaho — Look closely in Caldwell, and you'll find something that's a little out of place: a green, 33-foot-long British double-decker bus. According to the owners, it's the only converted bus of its kind available for stays through Airbnb.

The bus belongs to Angie and Dustin Mori, a pair of born-and-raised Idahoans who live in Caldwell with their six children and a foster child, a coop full of chickens and their specialty converted buses.

The other bus is a 30-foot-long classic red British double-decker, called the Double Decker Espresso. The pair have served coffee at events around the Treasure Valley for about three and a half years.

But their green bus, visible just off Interstate 84, has a different purpose. A fairly new addition, it's called the Double Decker Hideaway, and the Mori family has been renting it out for vacations on Airbnb since October.

The bus is fully refurbished with a kitchen, lounge area, toilet and shower, and bedroom. A video of the Airbnb went viral on TikTok earlier this month. As of Friday, the TikTok video had over 1.8 million views.

"I don't even do TikTok. I have a daughter that does, so she's like, 'Mom, look at this video!' " Angie told the Idaho Statesman. "The people that made that video were a young couple, and we didn't even know they were doing that. And they left and didn't say a word."


The video has caused an explosion in the popularity of the Airbnb rental, which is available for $102 a night. There are only two nights left unbooked for April and most nights are booked through July. The bus has been reserved for about 85% of the available nights since October, Angie said.

A night on a British bus

Neither Angie nor Dustin have even been to Britain.

Their love for double-decker buses began about four years ago when Dustin was looking for a fun family business. He'd always loved roasting coffee, he said, and thought about running a commercial coffee roaster. When looking into that venture, he came across the idea of a double-decker coffee bus online.


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