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On Philanthropy: This Thanksgiving, carve more than turkey

Bruce DeBoskey, Tribune News Service on

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-- Since we have been blessed with "enough," is there more we can do for others who have less?

During the holiday season, families can choose to carve out a portion of the money designated for gifts to each other to be contributed to a common "family and friends" cause -- to provide food and other basic necessities for the less fortunate in our communities.

Imagine the result if each of us pledged to donate to a worthy charitable cause just 10 percent of what we would otherwise spend on holiday gifts, food and candy. Instead of being spent on discretionary gifts, billions of additional dollars would flow to nonprofit organizations for the benefit of others.

A pledge to give fewer material gifts to family, friends and co-workers and a bit more money and time for the benefit of those in need can bring families and other social groups together with a shared purpose. It can help children focus on giving as well as getting, spread the true spirit of the season and make our community a better place for everyone.

Isn't that what the winter holidays are all about?


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