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Construction workers swap pen and paper for digital app

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Users pay $12-30 per license per month or an annual subscription at a 20 percent discount. They can tap a nearly 24/7 customer help line and make suggestions for upgrades and new services.

One upgrade that was soon abandoned was the ability to upload 80 megabyte files. Users discovered it took too long to access such files, especially when Wi-Fi and cellular service is spotty at construction sites.

"We pulled back to the chagrin of some customers," Sundukovskiy said.

Although Raken might have some application to other industries, from event planning and movies to natural disasters and oil and gas drilling, Slager and Sundukovskiy said they are sticking with construction for now.

"We still have a myopic focus to be able to provide the best app for its purpose," Slager said.

The two founders said the company is generally running in the black but not consistently profitable since extra funds are poured back into hiring new staff to handle growth demands.

The company has raised $3.25 million in venture capital funding and is preparing to launch a growth round that could range from $5 million to $20 million.

"We plan to do that in the near future and accelerate growth and continue to bring in great talent that is San Diego based," Slager said.

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