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Everyday Cheapskate: 6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Spending a Dime

Mary Hunt on

When it comes to making your existing clothes presentable, there's nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned press to take them up a notch. Here are a couple of budget-friendly tricks that can breathe new life into your wardrobe:

-- Hang your desired outfit in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam works wonders in relaxing wrinkles.

-- Toss the garment into the dryer along with a damp washcloth. Just make sure to use a cloth from the same color family to avoid any contrasting lint mishaps on your ensemble.

No. 4: Maintain your shoes.

Footwear are the unsung heroes of any outfit. Nothing kills a look faster than scuffed, dirty or worn-out footwear, shouting neglect. The good news? It's often an easy fix. Sometimes, all your shoes need is a good scrub or polish to regain their charm.

If you're dealing with high-quality shoes showing signs of wear and tear, it might be worth a trip to a local shoe repair. While I wouldn't splurge on repairs for cheaper shoes that can easily be replaced, I'd gladly invest in restoring those pricey gems from days gone by.

No. 5: Create outfits from what you have.

Now that your clothes are looking sharp, well-kept and crease-free, it's time to curate some stylish and sophisticated outfits. As a frequent traveler, Daisy swears by the versatility of a capsule wardrobe, ensuring everything mixes and matches seamlessly.


Spread out your everyday bottoms on the bed, and keep your tops neatly hung in the closet. Next, pair each bottom with various tops to find winning combinations. Don't hesitate to try them on for a firsthand look. You might consider organizing your outfits by hanging them together for quick and easy dressing. Keeping a wardrobe notebook handy can also help track your favorite combinations.

If you're seeking some fashion inspiration, hop onto Pinterest and explore the type of outfit you have in mind. You'll discover a plethora of ideas to spark your creativity and help you assemble stunning looks from your existing wardrobe.

No. 6: Use a lint roller.

For the love of all things lovely and stylish, use a lint roller before you leave the house! It's a quick step that takes just a few seconds but helps you to look crisp and clean. This isn't just important if you have pets. All of us encounter various fuzzies that can so easily attach themselves to clothing. It's not a good look and something that is so easily rectified.

Clothing is not optional, but spending a lot of money on it is. Upgrading the clothing you have is an efficient way to carry out what mothers everywhere have advised for decades. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good!


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