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Everyday Cheapskate: Ways to Use a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer That Have Nothing to Do With Food

Mary Hunt on

My vacuum sealing machine is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I vacuum seal fresh fruit to extend the use by at least two weeks, often much longer. I vacuum seal meat before I freeze it to stave off freezer burn, which keeps it perfect for a year or longer. I could go on and on about how my FoodSaver ( saves our food bill, but today I want to tell you all the ways I use the thing that have nothing to do with food!

But first, two general vacuum-sealing tips:


I've learned through trial and error that for my FoodSaver to work at maximum efficiency it has to be handy. It cannot be stuck in a cupboard or on a pantry shelf. If I have to make the smallest effort to get it out and plug it in, I stop using it because I forget, or it's such a hassle I decided to skip using it "just this one time." My FoodSaver has to sit on the counter with nothing obstructing it -- always plugged in and ready to go. And the bags have to be equally handy. I keep them in the drawer immediately below the counter where FoodSaver resides.


If you are going to be storing items repeatedly (take hamburger buns for example -- I seal a dozen, but then open it to remove the number I need and reseal the bag) make sure to start with a larger than necessary pouch the first time. This way, you can open by cutting off the seal, and then reseal for another time or two. If you're storing dry goods (not food), simply reuse a bag for another item if it becomes too small for your original intended use. They don't have to be trashed after one use. You can also wash bags and dry thoroughly to use for other food storage.



I vacuum seal anything that tarnishes that I do not use on a daily basis, such as sterling silver flatware, silver trays and bowls. By removing the air, the items do not tarnish because the enemy (oxygen) has been locked out. This protects my silver things from harsh polishes and protects my time. I hate to polish silver.


All of my commemorative and other coins are safely vacuum sealed. This protects their integrity and collectable value. Because the bags are clear and I seal them in a single layer, their beauty is visible.


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