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Everyday Cheapskate: Once You Use This DIY Glass and Mirror Cleaner, You Will Never Look Back

Mary Hunt on

2 cups warm water

Standard size spray bottle

Pour the ingredients directly into the spray bottle. Apply the sprayer top or lid, and that's it.

Before spraying Alvin Corn on your mirrors or glass, shake it well because the cornstarch will settle to the bottom, and you'll want to redistribute it. Then spray sparingly. Wipe with a microfiber cloth or other cleaning cloth of choice -- even a coffee filter or newspaper. Buff well to remove all moisture. Hear the squeak?


The recipe above makes about 20 ounces of Alvin Corn -- the perfect amount to fill a standard spray bottle. Store it as you would any commercial cleaner: directly in the spray bottle. Just make sure you shake it well right before and in between uses. While cornstarch appears to dissolve in water, it doesn't really. It is such a fine powder that shaking it will distribute it well and not clog up the sprayer. But as this cleaner sits, the cornstarch will separate and fall to the bottom. Just remember to shake, shake, shake!



Use Alvin Corn on glass, mirrors, stainless steel, porcelain and chrome fixtures. Use it to wipe down quartz and Corian countertops. Shine countertop appliances. Caution: Do not use on granite or marble as the vinegar in Alvin Corn could in time damage the sealant on those natural stone products, making them become dull and sticky.


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