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Everyday Cheapskate: Stop Wasting Money on Kitchen Tools That Do Only One Thing

Mary Hunt on

Celebrity chef Alton Brown contends that a kitchen tool that does only one job is mostly useless. He calls anything like a pickle fork, garlic press, strawberry stem remover or hot dog steamer a "unitasker."

His advice? Don't waste your time and money on any kitchen tool if it is only good for one thing. It will just take up valuable space, eventually becoming clutter.

Here are some kitchen items you may want to think twice about purchasing:


It does just one thing, and not so well according to more than a few professional chefs. Alton doesn't think you need one. Well, actually, he said, "There is absolutely no reason for a garlic press to exist. It is utterly, completely, magnificently useless."

Mincing garlic with a sharp knife is quick and easy, and you won't lose all of the oils and garlicky goodness that gets left behind in a press. Besides, who wants to spend the time cleaning one of those things?



Alton contends if he had any knives that he hated, he might use one of these electric things. Instead, he keeps every blade in his home and garage precision-razor-sharp with a whetstone sharpener.


Anyone out there have a problem slicing bananas? Anyone? Anyone? Even though the banana slicer is inexpensive, why bother when this seems like a perfectly fine job for a butter knife?


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