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Everyday Cheapskate: Meet My Spring Cleaning A-Team

Mary Hunt on

There's an illness that has been documented by poets for centuries, and I've got it. It's spring fever, that wonderfully amorphous disease we all recognize come April and May.

Spring fever remains a fuzzy medical category, but there has been a great deal of research on how seasonal changes affect our mood and behavior. I know how spring fever affects me -- it makes me want to clean!

While I don't invite all my friends over to help, I have built quite a team that makes the job at least enjoyable, if not fun. Today, I'd like to introduce you to each member of my awesome spring cleaning team.


I got the initial set as a gift from a friend who knows me well. I love to clean nooks and crannies, which is crazy but true. OXO Good Grips Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set brushes are perfect, not only for the kitchen. I use them on grout, in corners and along baseboards. And into the dishwasher they go almost daily to get sanitized. Watch out, nooks and crannies. Your dirty days are fast coming to an end.


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I suppose that windows would win if I could only have one item on my spring cleaning list of dirty things to clean. There's just nothing like looking at spring through sparkling, crystal-clear windows. Want to know the secret to the sparkle? A good squeegee and the best scrubber go with it.


Forget the paper towels. And the terry cloth. When it comes to serious cleaning of anything -- especially glass and mirrors -- there's nothing more efficient than microfiber because it is lint-free and streak-free. A set will last for years. And years.

Just toss them in the laundry and they come out ready to work some more. VibraWipe Microfiber Cleaning Cloths continue to be my pick for Best Inexpensive microfiber cleaning cloths.


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