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Everyday Cheapskate: Best Inexpensive Bed Sheets

Mary Hunt on

For some time, I've been toying with whether or not to write this column. You can see I've made my decision. Here's a little backstory to explain my conflict:

When it comes to bedding, I am particular about the way the sheets feel. They have to be smooth and wrinkle-free. They can't be slick, slippery, crunchy or noisy. The weave has to be tight. They can't feel like sandpaper. They must fit well. Above all, my sheets must be 100 percent cotton, not linen or microfiber or polyester or any other type of fiber or blend.

Seriously, if the sheets are not right, I don't sleep well. And by well I mean sound asleep -- not tossing, turning and constantly waking up.

For months now, I've been testing sheets with the hopes of discovering inexpensive ones that guarantee a good night's sleep every night -- for me and my less picky husband. But I haven't had much success.

In desperation, I even decided that a luxury brand might be the way to go. I justified the idea and the cost because for me, quality sleep is priceless. I could go on about the details of all of the brands I've tested, but I'll cut to the chase and tell you that I have finally found my perfect sheets for a fair price.

J.C. PENNEY. No one was more surprised than me by the bedding options at J.C. Penney. I have never been a JCP shopper, so it is a fabulous find for me. I have identified two JCP options as my picks for best inexpensive bed sheets.

Best Inexpensive Luxury Bed Sheets. The J.C. Penney Royal Velvet 400tc WrinkleGuard Sheet Set ( is my pick for the best inexpensive luxury 100 percent cotton sheets. These sheets have 400 thread count and a velvety soft feel and are very well-cut (the fitted sheet can fit a mattress up to 18 inches thick without being baggy). The set is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Best Inexpensive Excellent Bed Sheets. An excellent lower-priced option is the J.C. Penney Home 325tc Cotton Sheet Set ( These 100 percent cotton sheets are lovely. They have 325 thread count, and the fitted sheet fits a mattress up to 15 inches thick. The sheets get softer every time they are laundered. They're smooth and not noisy.

The differences I noted between this option and the Royal Velvet luxury option are this set is not as velvety to the touch, has a slightly lighter weight and comes out of the dryer somewhat more wrinkled. Even so, they are a great value and do not violate anything on my picky list.

Both of my picks go on sale frequently, both in the store and online. And there are always coupons and codes available to reduce the price even further.

It's been a long journey, but I'm finally able to say that I am one happy camper -- I mean sleeper.


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