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Everyday Cheapskate: Take it Slow and Easy!

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That slow cooker you keep on reserve for the cold months of winter is a perfect solution for summer, too -- especially during these days when you just cannot look another takeout meal in the face. Think about it: A slow cooker creates very little heat and costs only pennies a day to operate. And with energy costs skyrocketing, slow cooking is ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Bonus vs. Salary Bump, Family Squabbles, and More Reader Quandaries

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Dear Cheapskate: I just had my annual review at work. My boss told me I'm doing a good job then gave me the option of taking my raise as a lump sum or a salary increase. But I'm not sure if it's better to get the money all at once or spread out over the entire year. What is the right decision? -- Geoffrey, Ala.

Dear Geoffrey: If you take the ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Top 5 Brilliant Hacks to Kickstart Your Vegetable Garden

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As you might imagine, I grew up with more than a few adults greeting me with, "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?" followed by a big smile or, more often, laughter. It was embarrassing, but probably not for the reason you assume. I didn't know how to answer that question! I didn't know what "contrary" meant, I didn't have a ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How to Wash White Laundry to Keep It Looking Brilliant

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In the same way there are rules in life for things like how to drive a car, how to cook a meal or how to manage your money, there are a few simple rules for how to wash white clothes to keep them looking brilliant and clean. And if they happen to get a bit dull, gray or yellowed, there are rules for how to restore the brightness of washable ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How to Know if Stay-at-Home Is a Reasonable Solution

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Dear Cheapskate: With two little boys, my husband and I are paying through the roof for day care. It seems like almost all the money I earn goes to child care, so I've been thinking of quitting my job and staying home with the kids. I'm enthusiastic at the thought of spending more time with them, but I also want to be sure my family will be OK ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How to Date on a Budget

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Wallet a little thin these days? With some creative thinking and a relaxed, open-minded attitude, you can plan a fantastic date without breaking the bank. Think about it this way: Going frugal is a way to make sure you're with someone who values experience over material things!

Take a stroll. Whether it's in a park, downtown or anywhere else, ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Make Sure You Have These 9 Essential Pantry Items

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I won't ask if you've been paying attention to what's going on with food in the U.S. Who could possibly avoid getting smacked in the face nearly every day with the high cost of feeding a family?

I just read that the average cost of ground beef in the U.S. is hitting an all-time high. I believe it, and not only beef. It is shocking how grocery ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Clever and Frugal Uses for Baking Soda

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Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, is an alkaline compound that, when combined with acid, produces harmless but useful carbon dioxide gas. When used to bake biscuits or cake, the small bubbles of carbon dioxide gas become trapped in batter, causing it to inflate, or rise.

Baking soda is well known for its ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Great Readers, Great Tips!

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Once again, my very clever readers have reminded me that it's the little ways we avoid spending money that add up. It makes us feel good, too. I hope you enjoy today's tips as much as I have.

WORKS THE SAME. I use the Clorox ReadyMop, but my tip works equally well with a Swiffer. The replacement pads for both brands are quite expensive so I ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Simple Tips to Ensure Your Safety in Any Emergency

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In today's unpredictable world, being prepared for emergencies is not just smart but essential. No matter where you live or what you do, disaster can strike at any moment, and being equipped with the right knowledge and resources can be a lifesaver.

Whether it's a natural disaster like a hurricane or a man-made crisis like a power outage, ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How Clearing Out Clutter Can Improve Your Life

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Getting organized is like dieting. Everyone knows how to do it, but the problem is getting around to it -- to clearing out clutter, cleverly organizing what remains and then maintaining the results.

When we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, I emptied every cupboard and drawer, carefully labeling every box and bin with its contents. That ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Promise to Cut Costs and Save Time

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Cleaning is the one chore that most of us dread, but we all know it has to be done. And while none of these cheapskate cleaning methods pretend to make it fun, they do promise to cut costs and save time. Also, most of these tips can be implemented with everyday items you probably already have.


Salt and ice together are great for ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: A Pizza Challenge

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Some consider pizza the perfect food. It has complex carbohydrates, vegetables, dairy and protein. OK, maybe "perfect" is stretching it a bit, but I remember when pizza was something you shouldn't eat too much of because it might spoil your dinner. Now it is dinner.

Millions of families rely on pizza because it is quick, cheap and ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Could Your Credit or Debit Card Be Making You Fat?

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I've heard of blaming one's weight on a lot of things, but credit and debit cards? That was a new one for me and a theory reported at that, when considered carefully, does seem to carry a lot of weight.

Now that restaurants, coffee shops, restaurants, DoorDash and every fast-food and restaurant app on earth accepts credit and ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Cetaphil's New Anti-Aging Collection: A Review

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In the ever-evolving world of skincare, finding effective anti-aging products that deliver noticeable results without breaking the bank can feel like an endless, expensive quest. However, Cetaphil, a trusted name in skincare known for being gentle yet effective, has recently introduced a new line of four anti-aging products I've been using since...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: My Secret Housecleaning Weapon

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Keeping a pristine home doesn't have to be a daunting or expensive task. I want to let you in on my secret weapon sitting front and center in my cleaning cupboard. It's Bar Keepers Friend (BKF) and I wouldn't want to clean without it.

BKF is a simple, versatile cleaning product that has been trusted by homeowners for over a century. Developed ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How to Remove Stains on Aluminum Cookware After an Unfortunate Trip Through the Dishwasher

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When aluminum pans get stained and discolored from frequent use, it's time for a thorough cleaning. But what happens when these pieces appear to be all but ready for the landfill after an unfortunate trip through the dishwasher?

Dear Cheapskate: I inherited a lovely set of vintage aluminum cookware. For some reason, I assumed I could clean ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: The People You Meet, the Books You Read

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The late humorist and master of salesmanship, Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, said one of my favorite quotes of all time: "You are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read."

While he didn't specify, I'm nearly certain Jones was talking about ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Saving: An Acquired Addiction

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As personality traits go, "compulsive" and "addictive" are not generally considered all that terrific. Those of us with an inclination to be obsessive struggle to overcome our obsessions.

But hold on a minute! Being compulsive -- easily addicted and slightly obsessive -- can be a good trait when that propensity is harnessed and channeled in the...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How to Clean Suede Shoes and Keep Them Looking Sharp

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Suede shoes are a timeless fashion statement, but let's face it, they're not the easiest to keep clean. Whether it's dirt, water or oil stains, suede seems to attract them all. But fear not! With a little know-how and some TLC, you can keep your suede shoes looking fresh and fabulous. In this guide, I'll walk you through the process of cleaning ...Read more



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