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Eric's Autos: 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid

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Sedans, which used to be the bestselling vehicles, have become a harder sell since the early 2000s, chiefly because crossovers (and SUVs) offer the roominess and practicality that used to sell sedans, plus the usually available all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive that makes crossovers and SUVs better able to deal with poor weather.

So Honda decided to sell something most of crossover and SUVs lack.

Phenomenal gas mileage.

Plus, something every electric vehicle lacks.

Phenomenal range.

What It Is


The Accord is Honda's midsize sedan. It and primary rival Toyota Corolla were for many years the most popular, bestselling cars on the market.

Until crossovers and SUVs ate into their sales.

Unlike the Camry, which you can still get with a V6, the Accord is now only available with four-cylinder engines. One of them is combo'd up with a hybrid drivetrain -- and that one that can go more than 50 miles on a gallon of gas (and more than 650 miles on a tank).

Prices start at $31,345 for the Sport, which comes standard with a 19-inch wheel/tire package, plus heated seats, an upgraded eight-speaker audio system and a larger (12.3-inch) LCD touch screen.


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