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Eric's Autos: 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

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The GC L thus bridges the gap between midsized SUVs like the two-row GC and full-size SUVs like its Wagoneer bigger brother.

You can slide the second-row captain's chairs through seven inches of travel to fine-tune the legroom in both the second and third rows. The third row is available with push-button power folders that can be adjusted individually, and the second-row seats also tilt forward individually to open access to the third for passengers.

With the third row down, you can carry longer items with the liftgate down that would require leaving it partially open in the two-row GC. Total cargo capacity goes up to 84.6 cubic feet versus 70.8 cubic feet in its smaller sibling. It's enough to haul an 80-inch log casement window sash without having to push the second-row seats forward.

However, with the third row in use, cargo capacity reduces to 17.2 cubic feet from 37.7 cubic feet in the two-row.

The Rest

The Jeep LCD interface -- UConnect -- is one of the best available in that it's just as easy to use as old-school buttons and knobs because it has them. You can, for example, manually fine-tune the station you're listening to using a knob rather than a clumsy tap/swipe.


The Bottom Line

That business about not too small, not too big but just right applies to the Grand Cherokee L.


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