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Eric's Autos: 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

Eric Peters on

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has most of what lots of people want, as evidenced by the fact that the GC is Jeep's bestselling model. But it hasn't got one thing many people need -- that being a third row.

Enter the Grand Cherokee L, which does.

What It Is

The Grand Cherokee L is a longer version of the standard Grand Cherokee. It comes standard with a third row and room for up to seven versus five in the two-row-only GC.

Other than that -- and the price -- they're essentially the same thing.

Prices start at $40,325 for the base Laredo trim of the Grand Cherokee L as opposed to $38,325 for the same thing in a two-row Grand Cherokee sans the L (and the additional length). Both come standard with the same 3.6-liter V6, paired with an eight-speed automatic -- and the option to buy four-wheel drive.


Both are also available with V8 power in the Overland and Summit Trims, which sticker for $56,240 and $60,300 to start, respectively, for the GC L, and $54,240 and $58,300, respectively, for the GC.

What's New

The GC L is now available with the passenger-side LCD screen that made its debut in the two-row GC. You can also get the L with Amazon Fire TV for the rear-seaters.

What's Good


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