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Eric's Autos: 2022 Mercedes E450

Eric Peters on

The wagon form is, by itself, an unexpected and interesting sight. The Benz stands out from the crowd and accommodates one, too -- in a way that's really interesting.

Open the rear liftgate and then lift up on the handles that you'd expect would be attached to under-floor storage cubbies. How about an extra set of seats? How about rear-facing jump seats?

Sure, the seats are small and aren't for adults -- unless they are small adults. But they fit kids just fine, and that's the whole point. This is a wagon that can carry two adults up front, three teens in back and two preteens in the way back.

The E450 also comes with unpainted/matte-black wheel arch protectors, which are there to help keep stone chips from scuffing the finish -- plus a pair of low-profile roof racks, in case you need more ways to carry things.

Mercedes does a top-shelf job of blending tech with function. The E wagon has the expected LCD flat panel main and secondary clusters. But there is also a simple, functional thumb wheel to adjust the sound level of the superb Burmester audio rig and, similarly, at-a-glance (and touch) controls for every-drive-necessary adjustments, such as the temperature and fan speed.

There is also still a 12-volt power point in addition to all the modern USB-type power points.

The Rest

One thing this wagon doesn't have in common with the Vista Cruisers of the past is a family-friendly price tag.


In the Before Time, families could afford a seven-passenger wagon with a V8 engine. They were as common once as soft drinks with real sugar.

Of course, this is a Mercedes.

Still, this Mercedes would be more accessible if it cost a bit less, which it probably could if it were available with the smaller engine that's standard in the E sedan on which it's based -- and perhaps without some of the "everything" the wagon comes standard with, amenities-wise.

The Bottom Line

If you'd like to be driving something that not everyone else is driving -- and have more room for everyone -- here's a wagon that could be what you're looking for.


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