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Eric's Autos: 2022 Ford Bronco

Eric Peters on

But then you get in and it's definitely 2022, not 1972.

You sit in front of an LCD main gauge cluster, which, like most, is configurable and so can display more than just what you see, as analog gauges do. To your right is a bigger LCD screen, through which you access the audio system, the GPS maps and some secondary info screens depicting which axles are engaged, your mileage/range and so on.

The Rest

Filling up the two-door's 16.9-gallon tank with regular (premium is wanted for maximum power) will set you back about $75 at current prices. At 17 mpg, this setting back will happen often. The four-door, which has a larger 20.8-gallon tank, costs about $90 at current prices to refill.

The monthly gas bill approaches the monthly payment.

Even so, the best things in life often aren't free.

This is one of them.


The Bottom Line

Whatever your situation -- or wants -- there's probably a Bronco that suits.

It's nice that small trucks are making a comeback -- even if they aren't, really.


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