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Eric's Autos: 2022 Ford Bronco

Eric Peters on

In addition to the Raptor, Ford has also added an Everglades variant to the roster.

It features an air snorkel for the engine, the ability to ford 36.4 inches of water, a winch, heavier-duty front fender, different fender flares and unique graphics.

What's Good

Wide price range makes this real-deal off-roader accessible.

Multiple body styles and configurations.

Much more civilized than it looks -- notwithstanding how capable it is.


What's Not So Good

You may be able to afford the Bronco, but will you be able to afford the gas?

Manual transmission is only offered with the four-cylinder engine.

A more teched-out machine than the Wrangler, which relies on simpler and possibly more long-term hardy V6 and V8 engines without turbos.


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