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Eric's Autos: 2022 Lexus GX460

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This midsized Lexus comes standard with three rows, which has its pros and its cons. The obvious pro is the presence of that extra row -- and the capacity for seven people. The less obvious con is how little cargo room there is because that third row is just 11.6 cubic feet, which is comparable to the cargo capacity of a Mazda Miata roadster. But the Mazda has only two seats -- and you can't fold them to make more cargo room.

If you fold forward the GX's third row, the available cargo space expands to 64.7 cubic feet. It's not quite as much total cargo space as newer-design rivals such as the Disco and Benz offer (74.3 and 74.9 cubic feet, respectively) but as with the mpg stats, it's close enough that it doesn't make much difference. In fact, the Disco has even less space with all its seats up: just 9.1 cubic feet. The Benz GLE boasts 33.3 cubic feet -- but that's only if you skip the third row, which Mercedes charges extra for.

The Rest

This year is likely to be the last year for the GX460 as currently constituted. It is likely to be reconstituted without a V8 and possibly without body-on-frame construction.

So, this may be the last year to get one of these magnificent dinosaurs with zero miles on the clock and a new-vehicle warranty.


The Bottom Line

The GX460 is like $2 gas: a pleasant memory -- except it still exists.


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