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Eric's Autos: 2022 Lexus GX460

Eric Peters on

The Lux adds a power-folding third row, leather and wood trim and a self-leveling air suspension.

What's New

A Black Line Special Edition package has been added to the mix. It includes a set of black-anodized 18-inch wheels, "dark chrome" exterior accents, revised front and rear bumpers and a black ash steering wheel inside.

What's Good

Comes standard with things generally no longer available.

Twelve-year track record of reliability.


Mostly physical rather than digital controls are straightforward and easy to operate.

What's Not So Good

Steering is a little over-boosted and while one-finger easy, it's not as precise as it could be.

Two-row version of rival Mercedes-Benz GLE has a much roomier second row.


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