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Eric's Autos: 2022 Genesis G70

Eric Peters on

Physically, in terms of its size, the G70 is similar to its rivals. It's just 184.4 inches long, which makes it a compact-sized sedan, like its rivals. But it differs hugely from them in terms of its ergonomics.

The term refers to the way controls are laid out -- their accessibility and ease of use. The G70's ergonomics are superior to most of its rivals in that unlike them, Genesis didn't convert every (or even most) of the G's controls and displays to smartphone-emulating tap/swipe displays.

There is an analog speedometer in the main gauge cluster rather than a digital display. There are large, easy-to-use rotary knobs for adjusting the air conditioning/heater and fan speed. And buttons you can touch by feel without having to look (or stabilize your finger before you tap) for the seat heaters and other important accessories.

The Rest

Yes, the back seat is tight (34.8 inches of legroom) and the trunk is small (10.5 cubic feet). But the same is true of the others in the class. Luxury-sport sedans aren't supposed to be practical. They are supposed to be enjoyable.

The G is very.


The Bottom Line

It's sad about the no-more-manual, but the G stands out in so many other ways, you almost don't miss it.


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