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Eric's Autos: 2022 Toyota Prius

Eric Peters on

Another Prius plus is the hatchback layout, which greatly ups the practicality quotient by making it feasible to use this car for things Toyota probably never intended it to be used for, such as carrying home a 4x4x6 fence post from Lowe's with the rear hatch closed.

The Rest

One nettle is that some desirable options, such as the 10-speaker JBL audio system that comes standard in the Limited, aren't available in the lower-priced trims.

Also, AWD is only available with the standard Prius; the plug-in version is FWD-only.

The Bottom Line


If you'd like to just drive without having to constantly think about how soon you'll have to stop , the Prius might just be the right electric car for you.


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