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Eric's Autos: 2022 Toyota Prius

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Hyundai Ioniq costs less and is more conservatively styled.

Under The Hood

Every Prius comes with the same 1.8-liter, 121 horsepower gas engine on the one side of the hybrid drivetrain, paired up with a battery pack/electric motors on the other side of the drivetrain.

The standard Prius comes with a smaller battery pack that assists the gas engine in propelling the car and powering accessories when the gas engine is not running, as when the car is stationary or during deceleration/coasting. The standard Prius can also be driven about a mile at speeds up to about 25 mph on battery power.

The plug-in Prius has a higher-capacity battery pack that can propel the car at normal road speeds for about 25 miles.

On The Road


Neither version of the Prius is quick -- zero to 60 takes more than 10 seconds -- but unlike electric cars, the Prius just keeps on going long after the EV has had to stop and make you wait while it recharges.

The standard model's near-700-mile range is stupendous. It is nearly twice the range of the longest-range electric cars -- for half as much as it costs to buy a Tesla 3 with its "long range" (358 miles) battery pack ($50,990).

At The Curb

Something almost everyone will like about this car is its expansive side glass, which tapers downward toward the front of the car so that by the time it reaches the driver/passenger side, the view to the side is superior versus many other modern cars.


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